Religion and Spiritualism in Mongolia

Mongolia is a country where Buddhism has spread widely. After all, Buddhism was declared as the national religion of Mongolia back in the Thirteenth century. By 1600, this religion became widespread throughout the country. Prior to the communist dictatorship there were close to around nine hundred Buddhist temples and monasteries here. The recent characteristics of the religion here are said to have been derived from the Gelug and Kagyu lineages of Tibetan Buddhism. Therefore, if you want the perfect introduction to Tibetan Buddhism then you should take a trip to the holy sites in Mongolia. There are plenty of clairvoyant and psychic Buddhist monks here that you can speak to as well!

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A majority of the people taking monasteries tour in Mongolia do it because of religious reasons. However, one doesn't have to be a devout Buddhist in order to take such a tour. One can also take it simply for the purpose of exploration. One can experience some of the oldest monasteries in Mongolia and take in the beautiful sights since most of these are located atop hillsmountains. It is also quite enjoyable to view the breathtaking rock formations here and maybe pay a visit to the Nomadic families. Exploring the religious culture in this part of the country is an extremely delightful activity and you will have many wonderful vacation memories to take home with you by the time the tour comes to an end. 

Generally speaking, a monastery is a structure that is made up of several buildings in a compound. One of these buildings is the main temple, which is the main attraction. Since these compounds are usually located on the hillside, therefore each of the buildings has a gorgeous view of the landscape. There are many popular and impressive monasteries that you can visit in Mongolia. Hypothetically speaking, if you have only a day's time then you should use that for visiting Erdene-Zuu. This is the oldest monastery in Mongolia. Built in 1586, there are 62 temples and 108 stupas here. The monastery is surrounded by fortress wall and is mostly in ruins post the communist era. Today, just three out of sixty temples here are still standing and these contain different images of Buddha. Nevertheless, it is still a beautiful and worthwhile destination to visit.

If you aren't pressed for time then you can explore different parts of Mongolia to visit various beautiful temples and monasteries like Gandantegchinlen monastery, Tovkhon monastery, Manzushir monastery, Ongi monastery, Khamriin khiid monastery, Amarbayasgalant monastery, Aglag Buteel monastery, etc.